Amelia + Kayne


How did you meet? 

Kayne and I met 8 years ago at a mutual friend’s wedding. I was 18 and he was 24. Unfortunately, a week later I moved to Canada. After only knowing each other a week he decided to fly over to travel together. We had the most incredible time getting lost in the Canadian mountains. However, I still had 6 months left in Canada, and then I was moving to Denmark for another year. We decided to stay friends, and that’s exactly what we did. Whenever I was homesick or upset I’d call my best friend Kayne. I ended up living overseas for 3.5 years. When I finally came home, we fell in love all over again. 

Tell us about your wedding…

The ceremony and reception were both held at my parent’s property. We wanted to create a ‘festival’ type wedding, so guests brought their tents, caravans, and swags to set up for the weekend festivities. We lapped it up in a bell tent. As my mother is from Denmark it was the perfect way for our Danish friends and family to experience Australian nature and way of living. 

We live a pretty laidback lifestyle and wanted the day to reflect just that. ‘Hygge’ is a word that comes to mind when we think about our wedding. It’s a Danish word used when acknowledging a feeling or moment as cosy, charming, and intimate. We wanted our friends and family to celebrate our love in a beautiful space, filled with candles and blooms under a starry night sky. 

Every aspect of our wedding defined us. The ceremony was held where Kayne had engraved our initials into a tree years before, when we first got together. The property was filled with Danish flags and a traditional reave, made and hung by the Danes around the bride’s front door for good luck. Our rings were past around at the ceremony, so each of our loved ones could put their energy into them. I also rocked no shoes for the entire day. All of the main pieces of furniture were made by Kayne himself, and most of the decorations were from vintage stores or flea markets. We had a long engagement so time wasn’t an issue, but we did have a tight budget. However in the end this is just made everything personalised and well thought of. 


What made your wedding unique?

I think having the entire wedding celebrations at my childhood home is what made our wedding quite unique and amazing. Being able to invite all our love ones to the place where I grew up was very precious to me. There were also a lot of Danish traditions thrown into the day; the field full of Danish flags, hanging the reave outside the front door, and Kayne getting lifted up into the air by all my friends and having the ends of his socks cut off (Danish tradition says it’s so the groom cannot misbehave with another women without his toes falling off from walking in the snow, and so the new wife can prove she can sew). Lastly, the Danes wrote personalised lyrics to a Beatles song for everyone to sing. All these personal touches made the night so much more intimate, and we all felt like one big family.

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Before the wedding we took a couple of road trips to my hometown to find some portrait locations. Just down the road from the wedding was a small area of beautiful green creeper vines, reaching as high as 30 metres up the surrounding trees. The weekend before the wedding I showed Rae (our photographer) the location and she thought it was incredible. What we didn’t know, was that when we arrived for photos on the day of our wedding, the vines had bloomed stunning white flowers. They covered the entire area. It was an unexpected, yet beautiful surprise. We felt like we were in a fairytale.



Wedding Date


Wedding Location

Albany, Western Australia


Rae Marie Photography


David Ebbott Films

Ceremony & Reception Venue

Parent’s property 


Salt Tree

The Bride Wore

White April Bridal

The Bridesmaids Wore

Mes Demoiselle

The Groom Wore

Jacket - M.J Bale 

Shirt - Industrie 

Pant - H&M

The Groomsmen Wore

Shirt - Industrie 

Pant - H&M


Terri Palfrey 

Makeup Artist

Carly at The Temple 


Stockpot Kitchen 


Rose and Bud