Renae + Liam


How did you meet?

We met at a house party that Liam and his friend were throwing in 2012. We had never met till this night, but we did have a few mutual friends. Liam texted me straight away the following day. I waited a few hours and decided I wasn’t interested at first, but he didn’t give up that easy. He gave it a day or two and tried again. Liam managed to change my mind with a riverside picnic for our first date, and it continued from there!

Tell us about your wedding…

We love simple and clean style, so our colour palette consisted of whites, greens, and naturals. Inspiration for our ceremony was the outdoors (based on all the adventures we like to go on), so as soon as we saw the Tropical Grove at UWA we knew it was perfect for us. It is a secluded little garden, covered with lots of trees and greenery. On the day it turned into own little happy place surrounded by loved ones. We also had a friend singing and playing guitar, which made it even more magical.

After the ceremony, friends and family headed over to the Boatshed Restaurant in South Perth to enjoy some drinks and canapés. It is a spectacular venue with high ceilings, and windows looking over the river onto Perth’s beautiful skyline. Whist the guests did this, we headed off with the bridal party to have photos taken by our good friend and amazing photographer Aleksander Jason. We then joined our family and friends back at the Boatshed to start the big reception. The bridal party entrance was something I think everyone will remember! All the guests were standing on the dance floor to greet us when we came in. Then each couple made an entrance to Crazy in Love by Beyonce. When Liam and I came in at the end, we went straight into our first dance to Ho Hey by the Lumineers. It was so lovely to have everyone grouped around us while we danced. Afterwards, we went straight into Bride & Groom speeches and then everyone was seated for dinner.

In between meals, we had the cutting of the cake, and a few more heartfelt speeches from the Mother’s of the Bride & Groom, and the Maid of Honour. I’m sure everyone will remember the Best Man’s speech - it had all the guests in fits of laughter. After we headed straight into dancing, which didn’t stop until the last song of the night! The whole day was so perfect, and so special. It’s something we will remember and cherish forever.

What made your wedding unique?

We didn’t have a large gap between our ceremony and reception. Although at 2 different locations, they were still very close by. The guests could continue the celebrations by heading straight over to the reception to enjoy canapés and drinks while they waited for us. I also loved our bridal party entrance, a great idea given to us by the Boatshed. Instead of having everyone standing at their tables waiting for us to be seated, we had them all come up to the dance floor so everyone could see what was going on. One by one, each coupled danced their way in, and joined the crowd. Liam and I then entered and went straight into our first dance!

What was the most memorable moment of your wedding?

The whole day was something to remember, and we enjoyed every single second of it. The funniest part would have to be when Liam said, ‘I Do’ 20 seconds earlier than he was supposed to. The celebrant hadn’t finished the asking yet, but Liam thought he had. It gave everyone a good laugh and calmed a few nerves too. The most heart-warming moment was our first dance, and having everyone right there on the dance floor with us. The most memorable moment was seeing my 92year old Nonna up on the dance floor, grooving out to several songs in a row!




9 December 2017


White April Bridal from Oxford Bridal




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